IncredibleBank Wins WOW Award


IncredibleBank Earns Prestigious Workplace Wellness Award. UnitedHealthcare® Recognizes IncredibleBank for worksite health efforts. 

Wausau, WI – January 7, 2019 – UnitedHeathcare® (UMR) has recognized Wausau-based financial services company, IncredibleBank, with their prestigious Wellness Opportunities at Work (WOW) award that honors a select few businesses for their commitment to employees' quality of life through a comprehensive worksite health promotion program. This is the second time the bank has won the coveted award.

In a prepared statement, Todd Nagel, the bank’s CEO, said, “Our employees work hard to provide incredible customer experiences at all hours of the day. Their health and well-being is paramount to our mission, which is why we’re so dutiful in providing a workplace where they can maintain their healthy lifestyles, remain physically fit while working, and receive a wide variety assistance opportunities whenever they need it. This award recognizes our employees’ commitment to being healthy in mind and body”

UMR, a division of UnitedHealthcare®, selects companies for the WOW honor through their worksite wellness consultants who measure and monitor businesses that promote physical activity, nutrition and mental health/stress awareness, reduce workplace injuries and tobacco use, and support individuals facing alcohol or drug addiction. Qualifying for the award is both rigorous and comprehensive and demands consistency and compassion throughout the year.

IncredibleBank demonstrates this consistency through employee teams and health ambassadors who further the company’s wellness goals by recommending and promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. This includes programs such as onsite fitness facilities; reimbursement of memberships in gym and workout facilities; sponsoring  
physical activity challenges and weight loss programs; offering healthy eating programs and healthy food options for meetings; fresh, locally grown produce delivered to all bank locations; offering an employee assistance program (EAP) and educational programs on life issues, including alcohol and drug abuse; and a points program to earn rewards and prizes.

Year after year, IncredibleBank continues to provide innovative and comprehensive wellness programs that continue to receive honors including the distinction of being named BEST BANK TO WORK FOR, three years in a row, by American Banker Magazine.