ACH Payment And Collection

Is one key to a successful business

Speed-Up Your Receivables With IncredibleBank’s ACH Processing Solutions 

Business customers frequently ask us for methods that can strengthen cash flow and make their business more profitable. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but one easy method is to implement an ACH (Automated Clearing House) solution to your receivables. ACH collection allow you to receive money directly from your customer’s bank account thereby bypassing , for instance, a written check. It’s not only more convenient, it’s also more secure.

Better For Cash Flow

It really doesn’t matter if you're sending or receiving money, the fact is, ACH services allow for greater management of your money and, most likely, a more dependable approach to cash flow. With ACH collection your business life will be much easier; you won’t need to worry if a check is lost or delayed in the mail, or if the check will even be “good” when it arrives. That’s because the payment is coming directly from your customer’s bank account.

Better For Security

ACH payments are far more secure than checks. As we mentioned, checks can get lost, stolen or even forged. ACH payments are sent electronically from your account to their bank account. This reduces overall security concerns because checks are far more prone to be compromised.

In the end, let IncredibleBank help you solidify cash flow by implementing ACH payment and collection solutions for your business. We can speed-up your receivables while you speed-up your new go-to-market strategies.


Let's Speed Up Your Receivables

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More Ways To Improve Your Cash Management

Send Money

Perhaps you need to send money quickly, maybe it’s an emergency, or a purchase that’s critical to your business operation. 
  • ACH Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfers

Receive Money

When you need to receive money, IncredibleBank will work with you to determine the best method.
  • ACH Collection
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Merchant Services
  • Wire Transfer
  • Mobile Deposit

Protect Money

Fraudsters, crooks and bad actors abound. IncredibleBank uses our vast resources to protect your money because no one’s going to take away your incredible. 
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Positive Pay

At IncredibleBank, We Offer A Wide Range Of Business Cash Management Services and Solutions