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Bank with confidence with the bank with confidence. Click to learn more about IncredibleBank.

IncredibleBank, a division of River Valley Bank , opened in 2009 as one of the early Internet-only banks. Our goal was to provide great rates, secure banking and incredible customer service online. We wanted to make banking easier and more convenient by allowing people to bank anywhere and anytime on the Internet, but with the same great service and security you get from a brick-and-mortar bank.

Shortly after IncredibleBank opened, it was named one of the “least evil banks” and “still awesome” by CNN. 

Since then, IncredibleBank has continued offering high-interest accounts with exceptional customer service. 

And your deposits are insured by the FDIC. IncredibleBank is an online division of River Valley Bank, an FDIC insured financial institution established in 1967. ( Learn more here about River Valley Bank's history.) Accounts at IncredibleBank are FDIC insured to the maximum allowable limits ($250,000) per depositor (deposits at IncredibleBank will be combined with any deposits you have at River Valley Bank for determining FDIC insurance coverage). To calculate your insurance coverage, use the FDIC online Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator .

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