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What can the IncredibleBank mobile app help you do?

The IncredibleBank mobile app is fast, customizable, and easy to use. Here's how it can help you bank better:

App Access

  • Logging in is super fast (seriously, compare it to any other banking apps you use!), and Face or Touch ID makes it even easier.
  • Customize your dashboard, so you see what's most important to you more easily.

Moving Money

  • You can skip a trip to the bank with mobile deposit. Deposit checks into your account on the go!
  • You can send money with Zelle®.
  • At the grocery store and forgot your wallet? With mobile wallet, you can use your IncredibleBank debit or credit card to make your payments securely with just your phone.
  • Have a small business or side gig? We can make accepting payments and sending digital invoices super simple with Autobooks.
  • You can easily pay your bills right from your phone.

Managing Your Accounts

  • We make it easy to move your direct deposit to your new IncredibleBank account. 
  • You can link accounts you have at other financial institutions, so you can see your balances and transactions for all of your accounts in one place.
  • You can open new accounts from right within the app.
  • Set up alerts on your accounts and cards to help you catch potential fraud, make sure you don't overdraw, and to be notified of purchases as they happen.
  • Use your IncredibleBank mobile app to turn your card off and on.
  • Looking for an ATM where you won't get a fee? Locate the nearest surcharge-free MoneyPass™ ATMs right from the app.

Want help using your app?

IncredibleBank Mobile Banking User Guide

Need even more reasons to download the IncredibleBank mobile app?

Search for "IncredibleBank Mobile" and download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Use your online banking ID and password to log in.
Download on the Apple store today            Download on the Google Play Store today

*There is no fee from IncredibleBank.  Connectivity and usage rates may apply.  Contact your wireless provider for more details.

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