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Running a small business means wearing a lot of hats. You might be the owner, CEO, marketing manager, accountant, IT help desk, and maybe even head chef or inventory coordinator. So, when it comes to getting a business loan, you need experts who can take some of the weight off your shoulders.

IncredibleBank is part of the SBA Preferred Lending Program (PLP). But what does that mean for you? First, it means that the SBA recognizes us as a leader in servicing and processing SBA loans. But the real benefit to you is that it also means we can expedite loan approval.

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  • It's More Than a Loan, It's a Relationship

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Building and Maintaining a Relationship

At IncredibleBank, an SBA loan isn’t just an SBA loan. It’s taking time to get to know your business, your growth plan, your business structure, and more. It’s determining the right SBA loan solution that meets your unique needs, delivering that loan, and (unlike many other SBA lenders) maintaining a strong relationship with you beyond the loan closing. Because your business doesn’t stop moving forward when your loan is funded – that’s just the beginning.

IncredibleBank Can Help

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How to Use an SBA Loan to Grow Your Business

Whatever your business goals, there may come a point where you need a loan – acquire a new business to expand your service offerings, to supplement cash flow for seasonal businesses, to purchase equipment, you name it. In this article, you can learn the many ways an SBA loan can help your business achieve your goals. But don’t feel like you’re in this alone – your IncredibleBank SBA lender will walk you through your options to ensure we choose the right option for your business objectives.

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Small Business Basics

New to small business lending? Learn more about what it takes to get a small business loan, including why it’s important to build a relationship with your banker and the types of documentation you can expect us to ask for.

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Industry Solutions 

  • Funeral Homes 
  • Hospitality 
  • Restaurants
  • Bowling & Family Entertainment
  • Adult Care & Rehab  
  • Professional Services 
  • Car Washes 
  • Manufacturing
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores 
  • Self Storage 
  • Medical & Dental 
  • And Most Other Businesses

SBA Loan Parameters

  • Loan amounts up to $5,000,000
  • Loan terms up to 25 years for real estate and 10-15 years for non-real estate debt
  • As little as 10% down in most scenarios
  • No balloon payments
  • Closing costs can be included in the loan amount
  • Loans not dependent on collateral
  • Nationwide lending

Whatever Your Business Need, We Have Your Lending Solution

How can an SBA loan help your business grow?


If you’re planning to buy a business, an SBA loan can help make it happen.


An SBA loan is a great way to secure the financing you need to take control of your business.


Let us help you relieve your debt burden with improved terms.


Whether you buy it or build it, if your business needs a homebase, an SBA loan can help.


Put the “success” in business succession with an SBA loan.


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