Fraud & Cybersecurity

How to Protect Yourself from Cybercrime

Your personal information is a goldmine for cybercriminals. Shielding your data prevents identity theft, unauthorized access, and potential harm to your financial reputation. For businesses, cyber attacks disrupt operations, damage customer trust, and may even lead to closure.

Everyday thousands of people just like you fall victim to fraud and cybercrime.  We want to change that.  At IncredibleBank, we believe that vigilance, education, and proactive measures are essential to safeguard against fraud and cybercrime. You work hard for your money. Don’t let someone take it from you!

Resources & Tools to Help You Protect Yourself from Fraud & Cybercrime

Trends in Cybercrime and Fraud

Stay up-to-date on the latest tactics being used by fraudsters so you can dodge them like a pro.
Whether you're a sharp business owner or a savvy consumer, understanding how the fraudsters work will help you thwart their efforts.

Check out these resources to stay in the know:
Criminals are constantly changing their tactics and targets to keep us on our toes. The FBI created this website to provide updates on what the current trends are in cybercrime so we can stay vigilant in protecting our information and money.

The National Cybersecurity Alliance has a number of resources and articles providing tips for preventing fraud as well as what to do if you've been victimized.

Criminals love posing as government agencies and as your bank. The American Bankers Association recognizes this fact, and wants you to know that there are some things your bank will never ask you for - like your mobile/online banking credentials. Quiz yourself and get more information on how to identify whether that communication is really from your bank - or a fraudster.

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency provides further resources, articles, and information to help you protect yourself from cybercrimes.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Leverage fraud prevention tools for your IncredibleBank accounts.

Let's start with two simple rules to live by to protect yourself from fraud on your bank accounts:

Rule 1: Regularly monitor your accounts for signs of unauthorized access. 
Rule 2: Take advantage of the fraud protection tools IncredibleBank offers to help you follow Rule 1!

Here are just some of the tools IncredibleBank has to offer to protect your accounts:

Card Controls – Use the mobile app to set limits on certain types of debit card transactions, or to temporarily turn off your debit card if it is lost or stolen. Click here to learn how to set up debit card alerts.

Account Alerts – Use online banking or the mobile app to set alerts for things like low balances or large withdrawals.  IncredibleBank will send you an email or text notification if transactions in your account fall above or below the limits you have set. Click here to learn how to set up alerts.

Electronic Bill Payment – Use online banking or the mobile app to pay your bills or invoices electronically.  This keeps the fraudsters from stealing paper checks that are sent in the mail. Learn how to pay bills with mobile or online banking here.

eStatements – Receiving your account statements electronically prevents the bad guys from intercepting paper statements sent in the mail, or statements thrown in the trash. Find out how to set up eStatements for your accounts here.

Here are some IncredibleBank tools specifically designed to protect business accounts.

ACH Positive Pay – You provide us with a list of ACH Transaction Originators that you authorize to debit your account, and any electronic debits presented against your account will be compared against that list.

Check Positive Pay – You upload a file of all the paper checks you write, and we compare every check presented against your account to that list to ensure the check number and dollar amount match. We offer this service free!

Payee Positive Pay – In addition to comparing the check number and dollar amount of every check, we also ensure the payee of the check matches. We offer this service free, too!

System Access Fraud Prevention Controls – These controls allow you to restrict the IP addresses that authorized users are allowed to use to access your business online banking profile and let’s you set time of day restrictions for those users.  This prevents fraudsters from stealing your employee’s credentials and using them to gain access to your accounts through online banking (bad guys will try to log in from wherever they are located, and they typically do it after hours when you are less likely to notice).

Visit our Cash Management page to learn more

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Fraud

Quick response actions to minimize the impact on your finances.

If you suspect unauthorized access to, or suspicious transactions on, your account, move swiftly to prevent further damage.

Here's what to do if you are a victim of fraud:

  1. Notify us immediately - 888-842-0221. We can help secure compromised accounts held at IncredibleBank and initiate steps to try to recover funds that were fraudulently withdrawn from those accounts.
  2. If your IncredibleBank credit card has been lost or stolen, contact our partner Elan Financial Services at 866-234-4691 (U.S.) or 701-461-1772 (international).
  3. Contact an IT professional. They can scan your device(s) and/or network for digital footprints the fraudsters may have left behind. They will also remove what they find so the cybercriminals can't continue the attack.
  4. Change your passwords - everywhere! If you are like most, you use the same or similar usernames and passwords for multiple applications or accounts. Change every single one of them, and make sure you assign a unique password for each individual application or account. This prevents the fraudsters from accessing any other applications or accounts using your compromised passwords.

How and Why to File a Fraud or Cybercrime Report

If you've been victimized by a fraudster, your report can help authorities take action against the criminals.
Reporting fraud and cybercrimes isn't just about your own situation. It's about safeguarding the entire community. Every report contributes to the bigger picture of what scammers are doing, helps authorities take action against them, and helps prevent future victims. So, when you report your situation, you may help save someone else from becoming a victim, too!

You can report fraud to any or all of these agencies:
If you are a victim of identity theft, report it and get a plan for recovery. 

Fraud Tools & Resources for Individuals and Families

Fraud Tools & Resources for Businesses