Commercial Real Estate

What Is A Commercial Real Estate Loan?

Commercial real estate loans are funding options that allow companies access to capital specifically for purchasing commercial real estate or renovating commercial real estate. The property that a borrower purchases or improves with the funding from a commercial real estate loan will, in turn, become the collateral for the loan.

IncredibleBank offers a wide variety of business real estate loan options. That's where your IncredibleBank business banker comes in - we'll help determine the best option for your unique needs to ensure the success of your project.

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1.6 million square feet of production space under one roof.

Mark Matthiae has been self-employed for over 40 years. He might have started alone, but now he has hundreds of employees standing alongside him to fabricate and finish aluminum and plastic parts. 

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How To Qualify For A Commercial Real Estate Loan

Commercial real estate loan requirements, as with any business loan, vary based on your exact needs. Since commercial real estate is such a large, capital-intensive investment, we’ll typically take a close look at your company, and also the property. Here’s what your IncredibleBank considers when you submit an application for a commercial real estate loan:

  • Your Credit Score
  • Real Estate Collateral Value
  • Length of Time You’ve Been in Business
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (your ability to pay the debt)

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