We Have Loans To Get You To Your Incredible

Whatever your needs are, we'll customize a solution for you.

Financing options for businesses come in many forms. Loans for expansion, acquisitions, term loans, real estate loans, construction, SBA, lines of credit and plenty of others. We’ll customize a loan for your precise needs. Just tell us what you need and where you need to be and we’ll get you there. That’s the difference with your IncredibleBank, we’re here to help you start something incredible, and finish it.

Where Are You On Your Business Journey?

Explore our options and contact one of our Business Bankers to customize a solution for you. 

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Start a Business

So you want to start a business. Well you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you start something incredible, and finish it. Many of our business bankers have owned their own business, including our CEO who has
owned six different businesses. It’s good to know that you future company is in good company when you’re at IncredibleBank.

Options To Finance Your Startup

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Buy a Business

We understand what you’re up to. You want to buy a business; maybe it’s your pesky competitor, a company that’s under performing and you’ll turn it into an over performer, or it’s a start-up that you’ll make an upstart. In any event, a term loan might be best for you or perhaps it’s an SBA loan. We’ll guide you through the exact lending process and make certain we get you to your incredible.

Options To Fund Your Acquisition

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Expand a Business

Congrats! You’re expanding. No, not that way, but your business is expanding. After we toast let’s boast, about your new financing. We’ll take a look at securing a Line of Credit for you that way you can tap the capital you need when you need it. And rest easy when you don’t. Cheers to growth.

Options To Expand Operations

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Purchase Equipment

Your enterprise is in need of equipment. We all understand there’s a certain appreciation to depreciation. We also understand that without the right equipment, it’s going to be tough to complete the job at hand. It’s just like an equipment loan, you’ll need the right one to get the job done. We’ll start the conversation by talking about a term loan. 

Options To Acquire Your Next Asset

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Purchase Commercial Real Estate

Maybe you need more space for an expansion, or you spotted an ideal location for a satellite business, or forget the satellite business, you need real estate for a new business. That’s going to mean either a Commercial Real Estate loan or an SBA loan. Not surprisingly we have both, and not surprisingly, they’re incredible. 

Options To Invest In Your New Location

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Construct a Building

“If you build it they will come.” And your IncredibleBank will help you build it. An office, factory, retail facility, recreation, lodging, restaurant, dealership, the list goes on. If you need financing to construct a building, there’s a strong chance we have expertise in your exact enterprise. For that, you’ll need a Construction Loan from your IncredibleBank.

Options To Build Your New Foundation

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Finance Working Capital

Many times, IncredibleBank customers need working capital to finance their operations because, quite frankly, our customers are hard working doers, not just dreamers. If you need capital, you’ll most likely need a Line of Credit and that’s right up our line-up. We understand your banking needs because we started our dialog by listening to you.

Options To Capitalize On Your Operations

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Perhaps you need to consolidate debt, maybe lower your interest rate from another bank, or improve credit quality. Whatever the case, IncredibleBank will work with you to explore the best refinancing options, and then we’ll work our tails off to make it work for you. 

Options To Consolidate Business Debt


Meet Our Business Bankers

Your business may run on numbers, but we focus on the human connection to build real, lasting relationships with our business clients. We get to know you, your needs, and how we can best provide assistance. Meet our business services team and get in touch with any of them today to take the first step in building a relationship with us.


Christian Palomaki
Business Banking Officer
Phone: 906-273-2611
Michelle Sellers
VP Business Banking
Phone: 906-273-2618


Noah Baryenbruch
Business Banking Officer
Phone: 608-203-9815
Mike Collins
SVP Business Banking
Phone: 715-348-1537
Joann Draeger
VP Business Banking
Phone: 715-348-1528
Matt Hammes
Business Banking Officer
Phone: 715-358-9322
Adam Keuler
Business Banking Officer
Phone: 715-348-1453
Chris Kuehling
VP Business Lending
Eagle River
Phone: 715-477-3312
Jim Lahti
EVP Business Banking
Phone: 715-348-1404
Corey Miller
SVP Business Banking
Phone: 715-348-1493
Sarah Napgezek
SVP Loan Operations
Phone: 715-348-1538
Paul Schlumberger
SVP Commercial Real Estate
Phone: 608-203-9811
Rob Wyman
Business Banking Officer
Phone: 715-843-1704


Stephanie Castagnier Dunn
President, SBA Lending
Phone: 847-477-7546
Chris Collier
VP, Floor Plan Lending Leader
Phone: 770-362-3250
Brian Congelliere
Senior SBA Business Development Officer
Phone: 805-807-7080
Shane Pierson
SBA Business Development Officer
Phone: 805-551-7184
Trevor Pierson
SBA Business Development Officer
Phone: 801-368-1265

More Banking Options For Your Business

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Business Checking

When you open a business checking account from IncredibleBank, you’re not just opening opportunities for success, you’re opening a relationship with a bank that actually cares about what makes life incredible for you.

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Mobile App

Stay in control of your finances from the palm of your hand. Pay bills anytime, deposit checks, check balances, view transactions, and transfer funds with our IncredibleBank mobile app.

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Business Services

We know managing business cash flow can be challenging, which is exactly why we offer several business solutions to help you find your incredible.