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IncredibleBank Checking Xcel

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 Time to Xcelerate your financial growth! With this account, you can switch your direct deposit to your new checking account with just a few clicks, then start to get your direct deposit up to two days early* so you can make payments and purchases with confidence.

*We generally make these funds available the day we receive the payment file or two days prior to the scheduled payment date, whichever comes later. Whether a direct deposit is eligible for early access is at our discretion and we cannot guarantee that you will always receive your direct deposit funds prior to the scheduled payment date.

IncredibleBank Checking Xcel

No Maintenance Fees or
Minimum Balance

Get Your Direct Deposit up to
Two Days Early

You Choose Your
Opening Deposit Amount

Already have an IncredibleBank Checking or Checking Plus account and want to switch to this one?

Contact us at 888.842.0221 or send us a message in mobile or online banking!

All Our Checking Accounts Include:

Access to Over 30,000 ATMs

View which ATMs across the country are no-fee for you!

Industry-Leading Mobile App

Pay your bills, transfer money, switch your direct deposit, deposit checks, and more on the IncredibleBank mobile app.

Visa® Debit Card

Use this card in your mobile wallet and to withdraw funds from over 30,000 ATMs across the country, no fee included.

Unlimited Debit Card Transactions

Use your IncredibleBank Visa® Debit Card as many times as you'd like with no repercussions!

Mobile Deposits From Anywhere

Deposit your checks from wherever, whenever, with our mobile app

Online Bill Pay

Set up automatic payments to reoccurring bills, to make your life easier and spend less time thinking about bills.

Unlimited Check Writing

Yes, we get the irony. It's sort of the opposite of online bill pay, but a lot of people still write checks, so write away.

24-Hour Telephone Banking Access

Simply dial 866-777-7872 for touch-tone banking information about your online checking account.


Save a tree and sign up to get eStatements within your mobile and online banking (psst...that's actually more secure than paper statements sitting in your mailbox!).

A Checking Account That Gives You Financial Security

IncredibleBank works around the clock to protect your information and data security. You can rest easy knowing your money is safe with us.

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We won't charge for these services:

Monthly maintenance fees
Standard or expedited ACH transfers
Zelle® person to person payments
Mobile check deposit
We won't hide the fees we do have:

Paper statements
Cashier's checks
Foreign check processing

How to Open a Checking Account

Quick tips are below, but more details about how to open your checking account online can be found here!
For information about how to switch banks, check this out.

Tell Us About Yourself

We'll need some information from you like your name, address, and birth date to open your IncredibleBank online checking account.


Deposit Funds

Make your first deposit, but don't worry - there's no minimum deposit required to open! Plus, this account has no minimum balance requirement.


Download Our App

Be sure to download our industry-leading mobile app, where you can switch your direct deposit, deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills, and more!

How To Use The Mobile App

Mobile Banking allows you to securely manage your finances from nearly anywhere with a few taps or swipes on your phone or tablet. With the IncredibleBank Mobile app enjoy the convenience of:

  • Send money with Zelle®
  • Touch ID login access
  • Mobile deposit
  • Mobile bill pay
  • Mobile wallet
  • Geolocate the nearest surcharge-free MoneyPass™ ATMs

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

Average Rating: 4.8 stars (over 250 reviews)

"I've never had such friendly, professional, and FAST service from a lender. They are responsive and, more importantly, RESPONSIBLE!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WITHOUT HESITATION!!"

Steve V. - IncredibleBank Customer

"Very easy to work with; customer service was fantastic. Would recommend them to everyone."

Colette E. - IncredibleBank Customer

"April is great to work with! The in-app messaging is the best thing I have ever seen on a banking app."

Scott M. - IncredibleBank Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got the answers.
Yes, IncredibleBank has FDIC deposit insurance on all deposit accounts covering depositors dollar-for-dollar, principal plus any interest accrued or due to the depositor, through the date of default, up to at least $250,000.
For example, if a person had a checking account with a principal balance of $150,000 and $50 in accrued interest, the full $150,050 would be insured, since principal plus interest did not exceed the $250,000 insurance limit for each account. FDIC insurance may vary based on your situation.
It's best to use the FDIC insurance calculator to determine your exact coverage.
If you’re opening an IncredibleBank checking account online and you’ve gathered all your documentation beforehand, you'll likely be able to complete the application in 5 minutes (or less). We will then reach out to you within 1-2 business days on the status of your application and account information. If your account is approved, we will issue your account number, and you will receive your IncredibleBank debit card within 7-10 business days.
You will need to provide at least one form of government-issued photo ID to open your checking account. Examples include: driver's license, passport, or state-issued ID. We will also ask you to provide personal identification information like your date of birth, physical address, phone number and social security number. If the address on your application does not match your ID, then you may also be asked to provide a piece of mail with your name on it for proof of address.

For more information on how to open a checking account, visit our blog here!
We recommend three different ways to deposit cash into your online bank account:
  1. Make a deposit at a cash-accepting ATM. There are thousands of cash-accepting ATMs throughout the US. Simply insert your debit card into the machine, select deposit cash, and insert your bills into the machine. These funds will immediately be available in your account.
  2. Get a money order. Money orders are like "official checks" that you pay for in advance, possibly with cash. You can purchase a money order from just about any financial institution, post office, or large department stores like Walmart. There will be a small fee associated with money orders, usually less than $5. To deposit your cash to IncredibleBank, you can purchase a money order with your cash, make the money order out to yourself, and deposit your money order using our mobile deposit feature.
  3. Use another checking account. If you still have a checking account at your local bank, you can deposit the cash at your local bank, then transfer the funds from your local bank account to your IncredibleBank checking account.
IncredibleBank is a participant in the MoneyPass® ATM Network, meaning that are customer have access to 30,000+ fee free ATMs nationwide. To find an ATM near you, you can use your IncredibleBank app or visit the MoneyPass® ATM website.

Yes, we do allow minors to open a checking account online. To open an account on your own, you need to be at least 18 years old. However, with a parent or guardian as a co-signer, you can open a checking account starting at age 14.

Yes, you can apply for as many accounts as your heart desires.
To use your debit card with your checking account, you must first activate the debit card. When you receive your debit card in the mail, call the number listed on the card (Within US: (800) 290-7893, Outside US: (206) 624-7998), identify yourself, set your PIN number, and you're all set! You can then use your debit card to withdraw cash from your checking account at ATMs, make in-store purchases at most retailers, or use your card information to pay for items online.
To transfer money from another bank account to your IncredibleBank checking account, simply use the transfer feature in your IncredibleBank online banking or mobile app. Go to the menu, select transfer, select add an external transfer account, enter the external account information, and specify the dollar amount you would like to transfer. More information and detailed instructions can be found on our mobile banking page.
There are many different types of fraud, and as such, IncredibleBank protects its customers from fraud in many different ways. 

For example...
  • We require two-factor authentication for all of our digital tools, which helps keep usernames and passwords safe from fraudsters.
  • We use encrypted forms of communication to keep customer information out of the hand of scammers.
  • We have firewall and security protocols in place to prevent hackers trying to steal your data. 
  • In accordance with Federal Reserve Regulation E, we will even cover certain fraud losses due to unauthorized electronic transactions.
  • We have several blogs to keep you informed about common scams and cybersecurity threats, such as:

Stay in control with alerts

You’re always in-the-know with daily balance notifications and transaction alerts

Personalized Customer Service

This is April, our Customer Experience Lead. She is here to answer any questions you may have. At IncredibleBank, we believe in the power of personal relationships, and that's why you will always be able to talk to a live person when you call or message us via our mobile app. April and her team can help you with opening your checking account, troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing, and are great resources for any financial questions you may have.

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