7 Benefits of Mobile Banking - Including One You May Not Know About

Mobile banking usage keeps hitting all-time highs nationwide, and with good reason. We’re all placing a lot more value on our own time, and if we can do our banking from home – or better yet, from anywhere – a trip to the branch just doesn’t seem worth it.

If you can stand just a little humble-bragging on our part, the IncredibleBank mobile app has some benefits that other apps just can't compete with. Read on to see what we mean.

So, if you haven't decided to go all-in on mobile banking yet, you might be wondering...

What are the benefits of mobile banking?

Always know your balance – fast

What do people use their mobile app for more than anything else? Checking their balance. Knowing your balance helps you feel confident in your finances.

You can also review all your transactions, so you’ll be able to see activity on your account long before your monthly statement arrives.

And the best part? With the IncredibleBank mobile app, you can gain access to your accounts even faster – because our app opens in about 1.5 seconds. Our competitors? More like 13 seconds. That may not seem like a big difference, but since the average consumer logs in about 1.6 times per day, that adds up to nearly 2 hours a year!

Set up account notifications

Logging into our app may be fast, but still not as fast as…well…not logging in. If you want to stay on top of your account activity without having to log in, set up a few notifications.

You can get notified when your account balance drops below a certain dollar amount, when a check clears your account, when there is a transaction on your account, and lots more.

You can even choose how you get your notifications – via push notification, text, or email.

Send and receive money

Out to eat with friends and forgot your wallet? Do your siblings owe you for your parents’ anniversary gift? Need to pay your roommate for your share of the utilities? With Zelle®, we’ve got you covered.

Use Zelle® within the mobile app to send and request money fast, safe, and easy.

Control your debit cards

Ever leave your debit card behind at a restaurant? You know exactly where it is, so you don’t want to cancel it, but you also don’t want someone to get a hold of it and use it in the meantime. What do you do?

If you have the IncredibleBank mobile app, you simply open your app and temporarily turn your card off. Once you’ve had the chance to go pick it up, you can turn it right back on again.

Simple as that!

Card controls within the app also include the ability to set limits on certain types of transaction types, or for certain dollar amounts.

Deposit checks

With mobile check deposit, you can take pictures of the front and back of your check to deposit it into your account. That means there’s no longer a need to make a special trip to the branch to deposit that birthday money from grandma.

Find the nearest ATM

Pull up a map that shows you where the nearest surcharge-free MoneyPass™ ATM is or view a list of ATMs in order of the closest one to you. Choose your ATM (there’s over 37,000 to choose from!) from the list or the map and click through to your maps app to get turn-by-turn directions.

Live chat with a banker

Have a question about a transaction on your account? Use the chat feature to have a secure live conversation with a banker - right in the app! How's that for easy...and personal.

The best part? You can attach a specific transaction or check image to the chat to make it even easier to get your questions answered.

That’s far from all your IncredibleBank app can do – download the app today to see how we’ve earned 4.8 stars in the iOS app store and start managing your finances securely and easily.

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