ID Theft Prevention

At IncredibleBank we hold your security at the absolute highest level.  We are working diligently every single day to keep your information safe.  However, we are only one piece of the puzzle.  Information security really starts with you.  Below are some tips and tricks to keep yourself safe.

1. Never reply to emails, phone calls or text messages that request your personal information.

Fraudsters leverage many communication platforms to try to scam consumers; scams may be initiated by phone calls, voicemails, text messages, emails or even regular postal mail. These methods are all meant to trick you into giving fraudsters your confidential information that they will later use to steal your money or identity.
We will never contact you to ask for your account numbers, PIN numbers or any other confidential information (e.g., usernames, passwords, one-time passcodes to your mobile device). We will only ask you for confidential information to verify your identity when you initiate contact with us.
If you receive a call, text or email claiming to be from us that you suspect is a phishing scam, do not give them your personal information and be sure to contact us to report it.

2. Monitor your online accounts, paper statements and bills.

It’s just good practice to check your bank statements, credit cards, bills, utility bills and online accounts regularly for unauthorized transactions. If you spot something suspicious, report it immediately.

3. Other Resources

Learn more about how to protect yourself from identity theft and how to respond should you ever become a victim of identity theft.