Dr. Billie McElwrath of Murfreesboro Family Chiropractic holding a file in her clinic

Murfreesboro Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Dr. Billie McElwrath  |  Owner
Murfreesboro Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

In the small town carnival business they call it the burlap sack fun slide, but to 10-year-old Billie McElwrath, there was nothing fun about being launched airborne only to land incapacitated on the hard ground. The results were devastating; six years of mind-numbing migraines, two herniated disks, constant back pain, and no feeling in one leg. For six straight years she endured life-changing pain, but also a life-changing awakening. Her sister suggested a visit to a chiropractor and not long after, “I got my life back,” said Billie. At the same time, her life goals changed, too; no longer wanting to be an attorney, she set her sights on becoming a chiropractor, and ultimately, the agony of six years of pain was the prelude to many years of joy and accomplishments.

She Started Something Incredible

After crisscrossing the country as a traveling chiropractor, Dr. Billie McElwrath opened Murfreesboro Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Tennessee on June 1st, 2015. A lifelong dream became a reality and so did her mantra: “I want to help people feel better and I want to heal the world.” Starting out with no patients and $300,000 in student loans, the task was daunting, but Billie was undeterred. Life hadn’t exactly been a cakewalk for Billie. Her father was a truck driver and her mother was a factory worker, and Billie understood that success came with a price. Hard work, overcoming weekly challenges, and even obtaining financing for a chiropractic business were table stakes on the road to success.

With no quit in Billie McElwrath, she grew her business from no patients to breaking even in four months. Today, her team at Murfreesboro Family Chiropractic and Rehabilitation treats over 200 patients each week and she just hired a second doctor. And to make certain she was successful, Billie hired an attorney specializing in SBA loans, who ultimately told her about IncredibleBank’s expertise with SBA lending.

IncredibleBank Was Just What The Doctor Ordered

As a child, Billie was accustomed to reading law books her mother purchased for her. Now she’s reading income statements and profit projections. “IncredibleBank is fantastic,” said Billie. “Never once did I feel anything other than extremely important. They are beyond phenomenal. I have friends in the business who wait three to four days for a response from their bank, I might wait three to four hours, tops. I don’t know where my business would be without IncredibleBank. They listen, they provide insight, and they provided me with my dream. This is pure joy over entitlement and that’s what really matters.”

And moving forward, what matters now to Billie McElwrath is an expansion into a new clinic. She and her team need more space as she keeps doubling her revenue. And who’s going to help with the financing of the new facility? Well, IncredibleBank, of course.