Culture & History

Three words tell our story. 
Incredible. Customer. Experiences.

We Are America’s First Online Community Bank

And what we do is get you to your incredible.  

Life has plenty of challenges and you don’t want your bank to be one of them. We’ve raised the banking bar because our customers have asked us to. Wherever they might be, and for whatever reasons they want, they’ve asked us to make life incredible for them. And we’re all too willing to oblige. With a name like IncredibleBank, we better be that everyday and every time. Our name keeps us honest and reminds us all the time what we need to be, incredible.

Incredible. Customer. Experiences.

Incredible, it’s what we need to be for every customer.
Customer, we treat everyone the way they deserve to be treated, incredibly, and that’s the experience.
Experience, incredible, everyday and every time.

We guess you could say helping you get to your incredible is our culture, but that’s just what we do, it’s your expectation and our deliverable.

But what we’re made of and what makes us tick, that’s really our culture. And that’s delivering incredible customer experiences to you every time we’re together, no matter where you are, where we are, or where we need to be. Whatever incredible means to you is meaningful to us.

What’s your incredible? Tell us and we’ll help you start it, and finish it.

It's Not About Our History, It's About Us Making Your History.

But, if you insist. Your IncredibleBank actually started in 1967 as River Valley Bank with a single location in Rothschild, Wisconsin. Over the years we grew to 15 locations in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We were, and still are, a community bank in those areas with a focus on providing businesses and residents with top-notch banking products and services, but now under the name IncredibleBank.

In 2009, we opened IncredibleBank, our online, national community bank, and because of its rapid success, we decided to merge both banks into one powerhouse brand that remained committed to the communities we serve, but with a twist. And that twist was to bring both banks together and be known from here on out as IncredibleBank.