Trust Accounts

Trust Accounts You Can Trust

A trust account can be a critical piece of a financial plan, ensuring you have a voice in how your wealth is managed and distributed after you're gone. IncredibleBank has several deposit account options to manage your trust assets and be sure you and your loved ones are in good hands.
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Documents You'll Need

This notarized document includes the formal name of the Trust, the Grantor(s), Trustee(s), & signatures of those individuals.


First and last page of the trust document and pages listing authority. Please do not send a copy of the full Trust Agreement itself. 
Proof of EIN if the trust is not under a Social Security Number.
Government-issued ID with current address for the Grantor and each Trustee.
Original or Certified death certificate(s), if anyone named in the trust title and/or Trustee(s) is/are deceased.