Trust Accounts

Finally, trust accounts that live up to incredible.

Don’t let your legacy go up for grabs.

Well, we’ve all heard about the problems that occur when a person’s finances aren’t planned for before their passing. That’s part of a legacy that should never be your legacy. And that’s where your IncredibleBank’s Trust Accounts fit in. Anyone, and quite frankly, everyone who wants to have a voice in how their wealth is managed and distributed after their gone should have a Trust Account. And at IncredibleBank, we’re one of the few banks that make it simple to apply online for a Trust Account. Just follow the simple steps below to make certain your incredible life remains incredible.

Apply for a Trust Account with IncredibleBank in Three Easy Steps.

Trust us - You've got this!
Download and complete the trust application

Gather any required documents and upload with your completed application via our secure upload portal.

  • A fully executed IncredibleBank Account Application – Revocable Trust Ownership Application.
  • Proof of EIN if the trust is not under a Social Security Number.
  • Government issued ID with current address for the Grantor and each Trustee.
  • Original or Certified death certificate(s), if anyone named in the trust title and/or Trustee(s) is/are deceased.
  • Certificate of Trust: this notarized document includes the formal name of the Trust, the Grantor(s), Trustee(s), & signatures of those individuals. or First and last page of the trust document and pages listing authority. Please DO NOT send a copy of the full Trust Agreement itself.
An IncredibleBank concierge will call or email you within two business days regarding the status of your application.