Cybersecurity Training Webinar

Cyber threats can happen to any industry. As a business leader, are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your business will keep running if a cyber attack happens? We will share ways business leaders can improve their business resiliency and handle a cybersecurity event during this training.

All attendees will learn:

  1. The latest types of cyber threats

  2. Discover ways to protect your data and ensure business resiliency

  3. Understand the business impact of a cyber attack

  4. A clear, actionable plan for risk mitigation you can apply immediately

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About the Presenter:

Mike Pape is an experienced IT and cybersecurity executive who helps businesses uncover their cybersecurity challenges and develop a comprehensive security plan. He understands cybersecurity solutions around compliance, governance, data protection, and ransomware mitigation. His deep understanding of business operations and technology gives him the unique ability to develop business security strategies that truly protect companies against cyber threats.