Evolutions In Design

It was the start of fall in central Wisconsin with the leaves beginning to make their pilgrimage from green to yellow, amber and orange. But that wasn’t the only pilgrimage that was taking place on September 7, 1998. A spirited young man, Randy Verhasselt, was about to start a business that took shape after flipping burgers at McDonalds as a teenager, moving on to a career at Penske Truck Leasing, all the while perfecting his craft and his splendid, well-tuned eye in good taste and fine design framed in flowers, gifts and remarkable merchandise.

He Started Something Incredible

The Story Begins

And so begins the story of Evolutions in Design, one of the most successful independent retail businesses in Wisconsin, and the go-to store for thousands of customers in need of flowers, gifts, wedding assistance, and mercurial accoutrements. The irony, of course, is that Evolutions in Design has undergone its own evolution at least six different times according to Verhasselt. And to a large extent, the change in business models was done with the assistance of IncredibleBank.

You’re Only Going To Get Out Of Your Business

What You Put Into It

In preparation for the opening of his business, Verhasselt purchased a building in downtown Wausau and promptly gutted it wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling. Over time, and with the help of IncredibleBank, he has purchased and renovated another downtown building that houses the Black Purl and added warehouse space. From a single partner in the beginning to 17 full and part time employees, Evolutions in Design has remained successful because, as Verhasselt says, “Look, you’re only going to get out of your  business what you put into it, and even in the most challenging of times, which we’re in, we’ll be better off in the long run because we’re forced to rethink just about everything.”

Helping People Feel Better

Verhasselt points to changing audiences and demographics, but also takes note of the fact that people want more from his store and services than ever; they need the relief, the feeling of being happy again, of feeling better. This manifested itself in Evolution’s 2020 August sales numbers which were ahead of last year’s revenue. Although Verhasselt does well by making people feel good, organizations do the same recognizing Verhasselt’s commitment and talent. He was awarded the Ruder Ware Innovation Award, the local Chamber of Commerce’s highest honor, and he was won the Chamber’s Small Business of the Year Award.

Relationships Matter

Verhasselt appreciates IncredibleBank’s commitment to the community which mirrors his own. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, the Performing Arts Foundation, Center for the Visual Arts among many others. 

“From the beginning of my relationship with IncredibleBank, to where we are today, from the good times to the tough times, they are a financial partner who will always be there for us. It takes more than having a great idea and concept, which we certainly had, but you need a partner like IncredibleBank that can pull the resources together to make the concept a reality, make it actionable and successful. IncredibleBank has played a very important role in our achievements.”

“IncredibleBank is awesome, there’s just no other way to put it. They continually go the extra mile and they do that with the highest degrees of professionalism. They are forthright, honest and true and provide me with excellent financial recommendations. I can tell you that it is comforting to know that if I have a question, they’re going to answer it quickly and with regard to what’s in the best interest for my business.”

Randy Verhasselt


Evolutions in Design