Fashion Villa

“Let our team of expert stylists help you shine!”

The staff at Fashion Villa, located in the Village of Rothschild in central Wisconsin, has a long history of cutting hair. In fact, Fashion Villa has been in the styling business for over 50 years holding tight to their motto, “Let our team of expert stylists help you shine!” And shine they do. But since the dawn of the pandemic, that shine seemed restrained, perhaps even a faded glimmer of what it had been. According to Trisha Volm and Kerry MacDonald, the owners of Fashion Villa for more than eight years, “We went from having a nice income to nothing, and we can’t begin to tell you how emotional that was.”

They Started Something Incredible

Trisha and Kerry are deeply involved in the management of Fashion Villa. They’re not only styling hair most every day, they’re running the business, looking for added products to sell, and, at least during the pandemic, looking for income in any place possible. “The local support we have received has been overwhelming, we are so grateful to the community we live in. From curbside sales of products and sales of gift cards, we’ve managed to stay above water, and actually thrive in this new environment,” said Trisha and Kerry.

And the two long-time partners are paying it forward. They support a local food bank, the Marathon County Humane Society (Kerry has a Black Lab and Trisha has an Akita and a Teddy Bear dog), The Women’s Community and other organizations. And they’re diversifying Fashion Villa’s product offerings by expanding into clothing, jewelry and handbags including prominent lines like Jen & Co, 12PM by Mon Ami Clothing and Mod Miss Jewelry.

“We really appreciate the close relationship we’ve had with IncredibleBank”, said Trish and Kerry. “IncredibleBank has been great prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic, and they’ll continue to be great after the pandemic.”


“Not only does IncredibleBank provide tremendous service to us, they actually are great customers of ours. Many of the bank’s employees have been seeing our stylists for many years.  Because the Rothschild bank location is almost next door to us, bank employees are always bringing us coffee and checking in with us. There couldn’t possibly be a better client/bank relationship then the one we have with IncredibleBank.”


Trisha Volm and Kerry MacDonald
Co-Owners, Fashion Villa