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Floor Plan Lending


Expert floor plan lending is critical to business success.

Make certain you consult with the floor plan lending experts at IncredibleBank.

Dealers know that floor plan lending is a critical component to inventory management, sales success and profitability. They also know that floor plan lending is best administered by lenders who understand the ins and outs of dealer services in general, floor plan lending in particular, and the dealer’s specific industry.
At IncredibleBank, our floor plan lenders specialize in the inventory financing of Commercial Trucks (Heavy-Duty Trucks, Medium-Duty Trucks, Tow Trucks, Commercial Trailers etc.) and Construction Equipment. They also guide you through the process of understanding your finance options, managing your inventory level and weathering seasonal trends. Our experts offer:
  • Competitive Rates on New and Used Inventory
  • Flexible Curtailment Terms
  • Dealer Banking Services 
  • Inventory Insurance through IB Insurance, our own insurance agency with a high degree of experience in dealer services
For more information about Floor Plan Lending, contact our VP, Floor Plan Lending Leader with over 25 years of experience, Chris Collier at or 770-362-3250.