Introducing IncredibleBank Online

New Features. Updated Design. Enhanced Security.

The New IncredibleBank Online Coming October 27th

We are excited to announce that on October 27, 2020, you will log into the new IncredibleBank Online experience. This upgrade brings new features, an updated design, and enhanced security to our consumer online banking users. If you have used our best-in-class mobile app in the past for either Apple or Android, IncredibleBank Online will look and function very similar. 

There will be a brief downtime for all our digital banking tools on October 26th from 7 pm to 11 pm CT as we move to IncredibleBank Online.

Getting Started 

What You Can Do To Prepare

✔ Know your current online banking username and password.
✔ Validate your contact information (cell phone and email).
✔ We recommend you are on the latest major version of your internet browser.

What's New

  • You will select Personal at login
  • The 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) security feature will appear when logging in for the first time
  • Improved customer account security
  • Seamless, integrated experience with mobile app
  • Secure messaging with our experienced support staff
  • Person to person payments via Zelle®
  • Customizable dashboard experience to fit your banking preferences
  • Bank to bank transfers will be a standard feature
  • Debit card management
  • Streamlined online account opening
  • Updated Digital Banking Service Agreement, Bill Pay Service Addendum & eCommunication Service Addendum

What's The Same

  • Your username and password
  • Accounts and nicknames setup for online banking
  • Bill pay requests and payees previously setup
  • Reoccurring transfers previously setup
  • Your prior elections for eStatements and/or eNotices

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can log in using your existing username and password. Please note that when signing into IncredibleBank Online for the first time after the update, you will have to authenticate your account using a code sent to your cell phone, via voice call, or through the Authy app . Afterward, you will only authenticate your account when signing in for the first time on a particular device if you select the Don’t Ask For Code.

If you rely on external transfers to make payments, we recommend you validate the set up in the new platform before payments are due. We will take care of the heavy lifting of migrating over all the information for these as well as your online bill pays. 

No. You will keep the same password. There is no expiration date for passwords as 2FA is significantly more secure at preventing bad actors from accessing your account.
Any 3rd party aggregator that you may utilize will more than likely break. You will need to make the provider aware of these changes so they can take the necessary steps on their end. Once they adjust to our new system, you should be able to reconnect with the help of the 3rd party aggregator. Since IncredibleBank has a relationship with Quicken, you should not experience a disruption with that service.
IncredibleBank Online requires customers to use two-factor authentication to verify their identity when logging in on a new browser or new device.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication, also called 2FA, is an added security measure for your online accounts. We live in a time when cybercrime has become more advanced and large companies have had their customers’ information stolen. It is more important than ever to take extra steps to keep your information safe. 2FA is one easy way to do that.

Why do I keep getting asked to enter in a code?
If you elect to bypass this step each time you login, you may check the box labeled ‘Don’t ask for codes again on this computer’. If you continue to get asked to enter a code when logging in, you may either be using a private browser or incognito mode. Both settings will not save “Cookies” and will not allow the computer to remember IncredibleBank’s website.

Why am I receiving 2FA notifications at random times or when I haven’t logged in?
Customers who have a 3rd party aggregator (Venmo, Mint, QuickBooks) may be attempting to reconnect to customer’s accounts. This can cause a 2FA notification to be sent to customers. Please check your other 3rd party services to see if you have your IncredibleBank account linked. Many times, these 3rd party aggregators attempt to access in the early morning hours between 2-4am.
You will only see 120 days worth of transaction history. Please download anything you need for taxes prior to launch. Current mobile users will continue to see all history since logging into the app for the first time, plus 120 days. E-statements will carry over (up to 13 months).
You can customize your dashboard by locating the three dots and clicking “Organize dashboard,” or by going to Settings to add or remove accounts. Changes made to IncredibleBank Online will flow over to your mobile app.
How do I log out?
Find your name in bottom left hand corner. Expand the tab and click “Sign out.”

How many times can I fail the login process before my account is locked out?
Five times.

If I exceed my 2FA attempts, how long will I be locked out for?
24 hours from the point of lockout. This time isn’t extended with subsequent login failures after becoming locked out.

How long until I am automatically signed out for inactivity?
You will receive a warning after 11 minutes of inactivity and automatically signed out after 12 minutes.

Can I reset my phone number for 2 Factor Authentication myself?
Yes. Update settings under Security.
For more information or questions contact us at 1-888-842-0221 or talk to your local IncredibleBank representative.

Business Customers

As a business, the operational impact to you is minimal. 

On Monday, October 26th, online and mobile banking will be unavailable for a short time while we transition to an enhanced consumer digital banking platform. Downtime is anticipated from 7pm-11pm CT.

On Tuesday, October 27th, you will select Business when logging into online banking. Also, if you previously bookmarked the online banking URL, that bookmark will need to be reset. All usernames, passwords, accounts, and functionality will remain the same.

With this transition, we've also updated our terms and conditions relating to digital banking. You'll be asked to agree to these terms when you log in for the first time after we go live. We encourage you to review the Digital Banking Service Agreement in its entirety before accepting.

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