U.S. Small Business Administration Visits IncredibleBank Customer Crystal Finishing Systems

On September 24th, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Great Lakes Regional Administrator, Rob Scott, visited central Wisconsin small businesses that have benefited from SBA and USDA coronavirus economic relief. Their visit included a tour and listening session of long-time IncredibleBank customer Crystal Finishing Systems located in Schofield, Wisconsin.

Along with Rob Scott, other attendees included SBA Wisconsin Deputy District Director Eric Ness, USDA Rural Development State Director Frank Frassetto, USDA Farm Service Agency State Director Sandy Chalmers, and many IncredibleBank employees.

According to Mark Matthiae, President and CEO of Crystal Finishing, the COVID-19 virus hit the company hard causing layoffs and a nearly immediate drop in revenue. He was so emotionally distraught having to layoff employees at a hugely successful nationwide business that it was devastating. Matthiae told the group that without the help of IncredibleBank, he could not imagine hiring back his employees, and even considering the possibility of hiring additional employees later in the year. He went on to say, “IncredibleBank has always been there for us, through good times and challenging times, and that’s the type of relationship you want to have with a bank.”


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