IncredibleBank Launches New Name, New Brand.


IncredibleBank launches new name, new brand. Ready to bring their
award-winning innovation to businesses and consumers throughout the country.

Wausau, WI: September 23, 2019 – For the last 52 years, they were known as River Valley Bank, the successful community bank with 15 locations dotting Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with $1.4 billion in assets. But as of today, in a departure that could only be described as bold and non-traditional, IncredibleBank welcomes customers throughout the U.S. to see first hand why Independent Banker named IncredibleBank America’s Most Innovative Bank.

Although the concept of having an incredible bank actually took shape in 2009 when River Valley launched a digital only web bank called IncredibleBank, named, in part, after a now retired CEO who frequently called himself IncrediBanker, and who bore an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Incredible, the idea of actually combining the two banks into IncredibleBank has been years in the making. Armed with reams of research and meticulous planning, the bank is demonstrating its creativity, innovation, and ingenuity with today’s launch of the new name.

Todd Nagel, President and CEO of the bank who has been leading the transition explained it this way, “We like to say that today is the day we become America’s first national online community bank, but the fact is, we have customers in all 50 states already. But what American hasn’t seen is a bank that truly cares what makes the lives of their customers incredible. A bank that practices and is governed by our mantra of providing incredible customer experiences, and a bank that emphatically believes what’s meaningful to you is extremely meaningful to us.”

Nagel has explained many of the subtle differences that sets IncredibleBank apart from the large national banks including the name itself, which is not lost on him. “With a name like IncredibleBank, there’s no margin for error; it keeps us honest and forever on our toes,” Nagel said. He explained that IncredibleBank is the corporate contradiction to banker’s hours as his team works on their customer’s clock, not the bank’s. That their bankers aren’t in the office, you’ll find them in factories, on jobsites, and at the kitchen tables of their customers.

“What we’re trying to do is single handedly change the optics of banking. We’re turning the camera on to our customers and away from us. We’re literally trying to get customers to “their incredible” whether it’s a mortgage, a new business loan, better insurance coverage, or even a luxury motor coach. What we say to them is, ‘we’re not just here to help you start something incredible, we’re here to help you finish it’; basically, we’re in this for the long pull, and that’s our incredible,” stated Nagel.

IncredibleBank’s website, located at, touts that same message and was launched today.

About IncredibleBank℠
IncredibleBank℠ is a financial institution headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin with 15 branches in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The company’s continued emphasis on I.C.E. (Incredible Customer Experiences™) has helped the bank grow to over $1.4 billion in assets.