The Importance Of Incredible Customer Experience

The Importance Of Incredible Customer Experience (I.C.E.)

It can be life changing. A kind gesture, a follow up phone call, holding the door open for a customer… IncredibleBank takes the customer experience very seriously, promoting a positive and memorable encounter with every interaction. And behind that customer experience…are employees who are empowered to make a difference.

How a business provides service to its customers is important…but also can be a copycat approach from one business to another. Every bank has a checking and savings account, a customer service team, a ‘teller line’. But IncredibleBank strives to differentiate itself from that norm. And that differentiation, notes bank president Todd Nagel, is how we do business. “From greeting customers at the door, to offering a cup of coffee, or following up on a phone call. Our goal truly is to provide an Incredible Customer Experience.”

In my role as an assistant market manager at our IncredibleBank’s 17th Avenue location in Wausau, WI, I not only see I.C.E. in action, I lead the charge by example. Some of our staff and customers have said that if you Googled ‘amazing customer service’ you’d find my photo and description! I love coming to work every day knowing that I can make a positive difference in someone else’s life. But how do you  deliver an incredible experience to each person who walks in the door—when each person defines that experience differently?

I try the “Cheers” approach. Using the philosophy from the classic 1980s TV show “where everyone knows your name.” When you walk through the doors at IncredibleBank you’ll hear us greeting our customers by name, asking how their day is going, and interjecting contagious laughter as we pour a cup of coffee or fill a bag of popcorn. Visiting an IncredibleBank branch, or calling our customer experience team, offers a new level of banking you’ll want to keep coming back to!

So how do we do it? We make I.C.E. the cornerstone of everything we do…and we’ve re-invented the teller experience. Now a more open-concept, café-like setting, many of our branches exchanged the teller lineup for individual workstation pods where you are greeted by a financial specialist who conducts your transaction with you rather than at you. Whether you’re depositing funds, cashing a check or inquiring about a fee, you’ll receive a one-on-one experience without the disadvantage of a wood barrier stopping you from seeing your own transaction details on the computer screen.

Once you can show customers their own financial details via a shared screen advantage, banking takes a positive turn. And continued technological advances also increase the cool factor of banking with IncredibleBank. I’ve had races with our teenage customers to see if, when I click the deposit button on my computer, I can print a paper receipt before their IncredibleBank mobile app updates (mobile wins). And there’s the excitement of mobile deposit—have you taken a mobile picture of a check yet for immediate deposit? Or e-signed a loan document? If you haven’t, our team will sit with you, probably on a couch in front of the fireplace, and help you get familiar and comfortable with any of our electronic or mobile banking services. As many times as it takes.

Bottom line…we fill IncredibleBank with friendly people who sincerely enjoy helping others, embrace technologies and improvements, and enjoy coming to work every single day. I can’t really brag because it’s a pretty simple formula. We just make providing an i.ncredible c.ustomer e.xperience a priority. It’s a difference that truly matters. 

Author: Nicolas Bisgrove
Assistant Market Manager