Todd Nagel Invited as Guest on Believe In Banking Podcast

IncredibleBank President and CEO, Todd Nagel, joined the Believe In Banking Podcas to talk all things IncredibleBank. In this episode, Todd details the rich history of IncredibleBank, from our humble beginnings as River Valley State Bank, the process of becoming the country's first national online community bank, to navigating the obstacles brought on by the pandemic.

Todd also detailed his affinity for Fintech companies. When asked if community banks should be fearful of the rise in fintechs, he says "community banks should embrace fintechs rather than fear them; they're the innovators of the future of banking, and that's what consumers and small businesses want."

Gina Bleedorn, Chief Experience Officer at Adrenaline and Co-Host of the Believe In Banking Podcast, asks all of her guests why they believe in banking. When asked this question, Nagel responded with his belief that "Banking is the center of every community. If you're a bank serving the community, you're doing the right thing."

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