It’s Called Personal Banking For A Reason

Because persons should be involved.

And those persons are you and us. You because you want the extraordinary service that only your IncredibleBank can provide, and us because we’re always there to help you get to your incredible. First it was persons, then it was machines and robots, and now we’re back to persons. That’s correct, we’re putting the person back into personal banking.

Personal Products Built Around You

Choose from a variety of options to fit your lifestyle and financial goals.

Get To Your Incredible

Banking and Cards

You can get a credit card from anywhere, probably a debit card and checking account, too. But there’s only one place you’ll get incredible credit cards and other accounts. Any guesses? If you’re looking for lots of benefits with your banking and cards, we’re the best fit for all the benefits.

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Personal Lending

Sometimes you need a personal loan. Car, boat, cycle, it could be just about anything. But don’t just go anywhere for your anything. Go to the one place that cares about what makes life incredible for you. Because that makes perfect sense to us.

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Mobile Banking

Well, well…finally a banking app that you can actually bank on, and bank with. That’s the IncredibleBank app that let’s you be truly mobile. Make deposits, pay bills, pay other people, better yet, pay yourself. It’s your mobile wallet, safe and sound.

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Ashley Cody
VP Regional Banking
Phone: 906-273-2620
Alissa Hedlund
Market Manager
Iron Mountain
Phone: 906-779-7513
Kevin Nyquist
Market Manager
Phone: 906-932-8311
Trevor Richards
Market Manager
Marquette West & Marquette North
Phone: 906-273-2623
Jamie Thyrion
Market Manager
Calumet & Houghton
Phone: 906-337-6917


Deb Gulan
VP Regional Banking
Phone: 715-348-1467
David Crabill
Market Manager
Rothschild & Weston
Phone: 715-241-4315
Susan Grams
Market Manager
Phone: 715-358-9316
Brittany Perez
Market Manager
Wausau 17th & Wausau Grand
Phone: 715-841-8916
Heidi Reiter-Kramsvogel
Market Manager
Eagle River
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Susan Ryman
Market Manager
Merrill & Tomahawk
Phone: 715-539-1516


Robin Cota
Market Manager
Cape Coral
Phone: 239-837-0715