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At IncredibleBank, We Offer A Wide Range Of Business Cash Management Services and Solutions

And why wouldn’t we? We’ll do just about anything to get you to your incredible.

 Even though we’re a national bank, we treat our customers like our best friends. Does your giant national bank treat you like that? That’s because we have two goals, getting you and your business to your incredible and treating you the way you deserve to be treated, incredibly. And we do that by offering you business services ranging from fraud protection, mobile banking and remote deposit capture to business credit cards, ACH and bill payments, and merchant services. Oh, and the strongest banking relationships you can find.

Looking For Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow Management?

We have the solutions.

Need To Send Money? Let Us Count The Ways.

Perhaps you need to send money quickly, maybe it’s an emergency, or a purchase that’s critical to your business operation. It could be an acquisition, a down payment on the next best thing. Whatever it might be, IncredibleBank will have the answer and the solution from wire transfers and credit cards to ACH and bill payments.  

  • ACH Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfers

I'm Ready To Send Money

It’s Good To Be On The Receiving End. 

It’s great to give, don’t get us wrong, but receiving is good, too. When you need to receive money, IncredibleBank will work with you to determine the best method. It could be ACH collection, remote or mobile deposit, but it might also be wire transfers or our merchant services programs. 

  • ACH Collection
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Merchant Services
  • Wire Transfer
  • Mobile Deposit

I’m Ready To Receive Money

You Work Hard For Your Money, Don’t Let Someone Take It From You.

Fraudsters, crooks and bad actors abound. Unfortunately, that’s part of the world we live in. IncredibleBank uses our vast resources to protect your money because no one’s going to take away your incredible. Through ACH Positive Pay, Positive Pay and our Fraud Protection Services, we’re covering all the bases. 

  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Positive Pay
  • Fraud Detection

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Meet Our Business Services Team

Your business may run on numbers, but we focus on the human connection to build real, lasting relationships with our business clients. We get to know you, your needs, and how we can best provide assistance. Meet our business services team and get in touch with any of them today to take the first step in building a relationship with us.

Lisa Woerpel
VP Business Services
Phone: 608-203-9818

Lea Dziesinski
Business Services Specialist
Phone: 906-273-2614

More Banking Options For Your Business

Merchant Services

If You Accept Credit Or Debit Card Payments, Catch Wind Of This. Meet Wind River Financial, IncredibleBank’s partner for our customers who accept card payments for goods and services.

Business Loans

Work with trusted experts who have extensive experience across a range of industries. Lenders who live here, raise families here, and have a personal, vested interest in the shared success of our customers and our community.

Business Checking

When you open a business checking account from IncredibleBank, you’re not just opening opportunities for success, you’re opening a relationship with a bank that actually cares about what makes life incredible for you.