Masks For Marquette

Even in the most trying times, the will to help our neighbors, even neighbors who are unknown to us, is the will that drives us. Nothing has been more evident of that than a program in Marquette, Michigan where IncredibleBank has two branch locations, called Masks for Marquette. As the nationwide shortage of protective masks for healthcare workers persists, leave it to the enterprising residents of Marquette to take matters into their own hands.

Already boasting a Facebook group of nearly 1,450 people, even though the program just started, Masks for Marquette is showing both the resolve and the ingenuity of area residents in producing surgical masks. With 1000 people sewing and local businesses assisting, masks are being provided to all essential service industries. One of IncredibleBank’s customers, recently opened an account at the bank to accept donations so that the production of masks can continue full throttle.

Ashley Cody, IncredibleBank Market Vice President, was overwhelmed at the display of assistance and determination Masks for Marquette has generated. “I have so much enjoyed the communication and dialog on the Facebook page of Masks for Marquette. People are helping each other, asking questions, giving advice, and sharing tips on how to best produce the masks. Our community is coming together and making a powerful impact during this time. I am so proud that IncredibleBank can be part of this effort.”

But there’s more. Christian Palomaki, a Business Banking Officer working out of the Marquette region, has a daughter who works at the local hospital in the ICU unit. She put out a request for furnace filters, a key component in the production of masks, and not surprisingly, a key component that is no longer available at local stores. Members of the IncredibleBank team donated their furnace filters from home as well as the bank’s furnace filters from both locations.

Masks for Marquette is an extraordinary example of how American’s come together when it feels we’re being torn apart. Our heartfelt thank you to all the participants in Masks for Marquette, and please know that you can always count on us to help you start something incredible, and finish it.

Be prudent, safe and strong. For us, that’s our motto moving forward.