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revi Design, headquartered in Wausau, WI, was founded by Dave Sether and a group of partners in February, 2010. Now, one of the area’s largest landscape design firms, revi, short for REVITALIZE, has grown from 10 employees to between 80-100 staffers, depending on the season. Boasting a wide variety of services, the company specializes in Landscape Design/Build; Property and Landscape Maintenance; Snow Removal; Tree Removal and Trimming Services; Excavation; Irrigation; and Water Features and Low Voltage Lighting.

He Started Something Incredible

Starting the business in early 2010 probably wasn’t the best timing for a landscape design firm, but Dave Sether had some contacts and contracts already in place that made the effort a little less daunting. By that time, Dave had already worked for some local landscaping companies in addition to working in the Shorewood suburb of Milwaukee, not far from where he attended college at UW-Milwaukee. With that experience in hand, he knew what the business approach and philosophy would be and how to differentiate revi Design from the competition.

Dave attributes the success of the company by undertaking an aggressive marketing campaign coupled with superior customer service under the framework of being highly responsive and extremely detailed in their business offerings. One of the biggest catalysts to the success of revi was Wausau’s 400 Block project, which revi’s team worked diligently on with an architect from the Milwaukee area. There’s no question that the 400 Block assignment provided notoriety to the company and is a constant visual reminder of the company’s commitment to excellence.

Although COVID-19 has presented many challenges to the company, Dave is eyeing many expansion opportunities. In 2015, for instance, revi purchased the design/build business of Stoney Creek Home & Garden in Minocqua, WI. The thrill of entering a new market, particularly with the support of a highly experienced team, has led Dave to analyze more expansions including northern Wisconsin and the Fox Valley markets. With a new facility and corporate headquarters completed, the future is extremely promising for revi Design.

In 2019, Dave wanted to become the sole owner of revi and turned to IncredibleBank to lead the efforts. Dave said, “IncredibleBank put together the SBA loan package, and then I transitioned all the other accounts to the bank. In the future, we will turn to IncredibleBank for guidance and financial advice as we chart our growth over the coming years. To have that sort of relationship with a bank is unique, but also very rewarding.”

“Over the years, IncredibleBank has been a great partner. Everyone is super responsive and super helpful. They’re very creative at handling all of our financial needs, and equally as important, IncredibleBank is highly responsive and they take care of everything. Frankly, I haven’t ever had a single issue like I’ve had with other financial institutions. They are so much better than other banks.”


Dave Sether


revi Design

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