Don Hopkins, IncredibleBank mortgage customer, standing outside with palm trees behind him

Don Hopkins – Mortgage Customer Spotlight

If you’ve met Don Hopkins, you remember him – standing at six feet, seven inches tall with a booming voice and BIG personality, he’s tough to miss. Even after a few short months of Hopkins moving to the area, people in Cape Coral, Florida already know him by name (including the grocery store manager who also knows his favorite frozen sausage pizza!). A guy like Hopkins makes an impression – and we’re proud to say that at IncredibleBank, we managed to make an impression on him.

IncredibleBank Stepped Up

Don Hopkins, IncredibleBank mortgage customer, sitting in a chair by his pool.

It all started a few years back when he was building a house in Madison, Wisconsin. His documentation for his loan had been in the hands of his mortgage lender for months, and the move was just over a week away. That’s when the bottom dropped out – his mortgage company told him it would take weeks before they were ready to close. “I panicked,” Hopkins said. “My lease was going to be up on my current place well before they said they could close. They told me sorry, but I would just have to figure it out.”

That’s when he contacted IncredibleBank. He got his documentation to his new mortgage lender, who was able to work through the process and get the deal done on time. After moving into his new home, he told everyone he could about his experience with IncredibleBank. “I could not stop talking about it to anybody,” he said. “It was flawless.”

Don Hopkins, IncredibleBank mortgage customer, gesturing with his hands in front of his house

From the Midwest to the Southeast

After a few years in his new Madison home, it was time for a change. As a home inspector, he spends his days climbing on roofs and crawling through attics. After years of doing this work year-round, including throughout harsh Wisconsin winters, Hopkins decided enough was enough. Where did he want to make his next move? He chose Cape Coral, Florida, citing the beauty of the coast, the incredible diversity of restaurants and culture, and the live music scene as his main motivators.

And this time he knew who he wanted to work with to help get him in his new home. He contacted IncredibleBank to help finance his home, despite moving across the country because, as he puts it, “I knew from experience that I’d get great communication from the entire team. I’m so grateful to have an institution that would be able to meet my needs.”

Don Hopkins, IncredibleBank mortgage customer, sitting in a chair by his pool.
Much to his surprise (and delight!) he heard the news only a few months later that IncredibleBank was going to be building a new branch…where? None other than his new home, Cape Coral, Florida. He said, “When I hear other people complain about other banks down here, I always tell them about IncredibleBank.” Because he knows it means that an Incredible Customer ExperienceSM (or ICE, as we like to call it) is coming to his new hometown.

“It’s a Family Thing”

“It’s a family thing. When you call IncredibleBank, it’s like calling your family for help. They’ll do anything they can to make it work,” Hopkins said.

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