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Mobile Banking


IncredibleBank customers aren't the type to sit still. That's why we created a mobile banking app that lives up to our name.

When it comes to online and mobile banking, who better to trust than one of the first online banks? That's us. We've been doing this a lot longer than the majority of online banks , and are truly experts in how to handle your money when you're on the go. Plain and simple, online and mobile banking is what we do.

So go on and discover why it’s better to bank with the IncredibleBank mobile app. Search for “” in your app store and download it for free from the App Store or Google Play .

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Getting Started with IncredibleBank

Looking for a preview of the benefits of mobile banking with IncredibleBank? Look no further!


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Benefits of Mobile Banking with IncredibleBank

  • Touch ID or PIN authentication: Log in easily and securely using a fingerprint or personal identification number.
  • View accounts and credit cards from other financial institutions: See all your financial data in one place, like with other online budgeting services.
  • Mobile bill pay and person-to-person payments: Pay your bills and send money to people quickly and securely from your smartphone.*
  • Deposit money into your accounts: Deposit checks into your qualified accounts using our mobile deposit feature.
  • Personalize your transactions: Use tags, notes and images to organize and track your spending.
  • Personalize your app: Arrange the sections of the app so your most important accounts and favorite features appear first.
  • View bank and ATM locations: Find the nearest surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM without the need for a separate app.
  • View account details: Check balances, transfer funds, view transactions and more.

Mobile Deposit FAQs

New to Mobile Deposit? We’ve collected a list of common questions to jumpstart your Mobile Deposit comfort level!

Is there a daily limit on how much I can deposit?

There is a deposit limit of $5,000 per day.

Is there a limit to how many checks can be deposit each day?
There is a limit of 10 checks per day.

What are the requirements to qualify to use Mobile Deposit?
You must have an active IncredibleBank account with online banking access via our Android or iPhone app.

How do I endorse my check for Mobile Deposit?
Sign the back of your check. Below your signature write the phrase: “For Mobile Deposit Only.”

What do I do with the physical check after I deposit it with Mobile Deposit?
Securely store and maintain all original checks for a period of fifteen (15) days (or longer if requested by us) for personal customers and ninety (90) days (or longer if requested by us) for business customers after you have received notice from us that the Electronic Items have been accepted for processing or rejected.

Are funds deposited with Mobile Deposit available immediately?
Funds are not immediately available. If a deposit happens before 6 PM CT on any business day, the funds will be available the following business day. If a deposit happens after 6  PM CT on any business day or weekend, the funds will be available on the second business day.

How long does it take for checks to clear through Mobile Deposit?
It takes 1-2 business days for checks to clear through Mobile Deposit.

Are there any kinds of checks not allowed (government-issue, cashier’s check, etc.)?

  • Money orders, savings bonds, non-negotiable items
  • Checks made payable to “Cash”
  • Checks that have been altered, post-dated, stale-dated, or are incomplete
  • Checks drawn on a foreign financial institution or in a foreign currency
  • Checks that do not have a payer signature and/or are not endorsed
  • Other items as per our sole discretion

Can I deposit checks from other countries?
Only checks issued from financial institutions headquartered in the United States are able to be deposited through Mobile Deposit.

Information about Fraud Center notifications.

Have questions about Mobile Deposit or Mobile Banking?
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More Information

  • Some products and services, such as debit cards, online banking, mobile banking, and bill pay are subject to additional terms and conditions. Certain services may also be subject to internet service provider fees.

*Some bill pay settings must be set up within our online banking system. Must have sufficient funds in your account for payment to be scheduled.