Kocourek Automotive

Keith Kocourek, President, Kocourek Automotive
IncredibleBank Customer

He doesn’t quite remember the exact date, but his love-affair with the automotive industry started when he was 16. That’s when IncredibleBank customer Keith Kocourek began washing cars at a local dealership. Since then, he might occasionally wash a car, but his sites changed after moving to Wausau, WI more than 33 years ago.

If you fast forward, and we mean fast forward at breakneck speed, you’ll see a man driven by quality growth, expansion, and exceptional service. Today, Keith Kocourek and his Kocourek Automotive company owns dealerships that represent a number of well-known brands:

- Chevrolet
- Audi
- Volkswagen
- Hyundai
- Ford Lincoln
- Kia
- JD Byrider
- Subaru
- Nissan
- ABRA Auto Body
- Honda
- Chrysler
- Dodge
- Jeep
- Ram

And as far as Keith is concerned, the pedal isn’t anywhere off the metal as he continues to always look for new opportunities.

He Started Something Incredible

It’s Always About People – There’s No Other Way

According to Keith, there’s really no secret to his success. There’s no magic, no silver bullet, and no free ride.

Of course, hard work is the price of entry, but as he has said, “I have great people running all of these companies. My driving force is the people I’ve hired. I love watching them grow and succeed, and on any given day, you’ll see that I’m surrounded by many employees who have been with us for 15 to 20 years.”

He goes on to say, “I can guarantee you that’s not the norm in our industry. My advice will always be: Hire the best, most talented people you can find and then treat them well for the remainder of their careers. And never forget, do the right thing every day.”

Always Looking Forward To Giving Back

For Keith, his commitment to the Wausau community runs deep. He feels it’s his responsibility to give back to the Wausau area because it has given so much to him.

That’s why he started the Kocourek Kids Foundation, which, to date, has donated more than $500,000 to organizations throughout Wausau.

He believes those contributions should be directed to helping individuals and families, as well as organizations and clubs like The Neighbor’s Place, Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area, Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central Wisconsin and many others.
In fact, the Foundation has a motto: Helping Children Grow and Learn. And as the Foundation clearly states, “Think back - and then look ahead. While you're doing that, look around and look inside. Let us know how you think we can best support the kids in our big neighborhood. We're open to suggestions that point us in the right direction; to the people and the organizations who need us.”

Kocourek Automotive and IncredibleBank

One of Keith Kocourek's endearing qualities is his forthright and honest approach to everything. He makes it clear that a company of their size and excellence is the target of many banks who would value his business.

In fact, every few months, banks from all over the country court Kocourek Automotive. "But they're no match for IncredibleBank," says Keith. One of the reasons Kocourek and IncredibleBank are so aligned is they share the same core values.

"Just like IncredibleBank, I believe in hard work and making good decisions over a long period of time, he said. "Together, we care and believe that everyone doing what they can, will accomplish a lot. Improving the lives of our neighbors is a responsibility and a privilege, and we will always cross the finish line together."

"IncredibleBank is very flexible and understanding of our business. Once each year, we get together with the bank's leadership and discuss the state of the automotive industry. We share insights, knowledge, and trends. This is a very valuable exercise and is representative of IncredibleBank's approach to customers. They're not just a lender, but a very valuable, trusted business advisor to our companies."
Keith Kocourek
Kocourek Automotive

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