Helping Others In Marquette, Minocqua and Houghton

Incredible Customer Experiences: Helping Others In Marquette, Minocqua and Houghton.

Every day, IncredibleBank employees are going above and beyond their roles and responsibilities to add comfort and assistance to our customers during these difficult times. Here are a few of their stories:

From Ashley Cody, Marquette, MI Market Manager 

The Feeding America Truck was recently in Marquette at the Salvation Army. IncredibleBankers Michelle Winters, Kristen Derocha and Karen Shaneberger volunteered to lend a hand and 400 families benefited from this effort.

The masks worn in this photo were made by team member Nikki Prunick who made masks for our whole crew and their spouses.

Nikki didn’t stop, she is up to 48 masks and has provided them to neighbors as well. This IncredibleBank team from Marquette continues to make a difference in so many ways, and pulls together to help the community through this difficult time.”

From Stacy Hollenbeck, Houghton, MI Market Manager 

“We are partnering with our local office of Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly to help with outreach to elderly members of our community who typically visit the agency in person with a volunteer or friend. Unfortunately, in person visits have been suspended due the Coronavirus. I saw a post on a social media page the other week asking for volunteers to write letters (they call it Friend Mail) and make phone calls to those elderly friends to check in and show someone cares. I spoke with the Elder Services Coordinator  and obtained a list that we could work from to help with this initiative. Our financial services team members from both Houghton and Calumet, who work remotely for all or part of the day, can use this as one of their offsite projects. I love that we can help community members feel less isolated and add value with this remote project.”

From Susan Grams, Minocqua, WI Market Manager 

“We had an elderly customer who regularly comes to the bank on the local transit bus. She has stopped by several times since the lobby has been closed to withdraw money from her account. The bus driver told her that the lobby was closed and that we would not let her in. When she got off the bus anyway, we, of course, opened the door and let her in. She was so appreciative of this small gesture. In fact, it’s all of these small gestures that make a huge difference in people’s lives.” 

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