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At IncredibleBank, we are dedicated to offering white glove, boutique-level service focused on thoughtful loan solutions specifically tailored to your business. Our team of seasoned SBA professionals have the expertise to successfully help you prepare yourself and your business not only for an SBA loan today, but for exponential growth into the future(Opens in a new Window).

Hear From Some Of Our Customers

Casa Amigos

Opening a new restaurant always carries a bit of risk. But opening one in the middle of a worldwide pandemic? Now that takes some real courage.
And Ya-Ya Guitierrez? She’s got plenty of it.
Casa Amigos officially opened its doors on September 20th, 2020, turning a tavern into a Mexican restaurant, complete with handmade furniture, artfully plated Mexican dishes, and, of course, margaritas.

And despite the challenges they faced when opening their dream restaurant, Ya-Ya and her partners aren’t just surviving – they’re looking to expand.

Kocourek Automotive

He got started at age 16 by washing cars at a local dealership, where his love for cars began. Now, he owns dealerships representing many of the most well-known auto brands around.

But despite his love of cars, Keith is far more interested in people. “My driving force is the people I’ve hired. I love watching them grow and succeed, and on any given day, I’m surrounded by many employees who have been with us for 15 to 20 years,” he said.

Learn more about how Keith remains driven (pun very much intended) to continue to grow his companies – and how IncredibleBank has helped him do it.

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

Ever go shopping for something, only to be disappointed by your options?
That’s what happened to Ron Swapp in the 1970s when he was searching for window shutters. But rather than settling for one of the existing options, he decided to make his own.

And he never looked back. He started Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions out of his garage, and it has now grown to over 80 locations.
Now run by Swapp’s nephew, Dix Jarman, Sunburst has proven it has staying (and growing) power, focused on product innovation, environmental sustainability, and their Made in America commitment.

How do they do it?

Stengl Marine

In 1978, Jim and Chris started Stengl Marine in the small summer enclave of Minocqua. Later, their son Bill, became the skipper and helped transform the boat storage company to a sales and service organization serving more than 600 customers in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

Together, they grew the business and set a course for success. We can help you set the right course, too. And together, we'll help you grow successfully.

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Reindl Printing

Rick and Lynne Reindl were on to something big when they founded Reindl Printing in 1979. From a storefront with a few hundred square feet to an advanced 70,000 square foot facility, the Reindl’s pressed on as the presses grew larger. They invested in a multimillion-dollar Komori 8-color press with a perfector that was the third of its kind in the U.S. Seems appropriate since Rick and Lynne are all about perfection. We can help you start something incredible. And then you’ll be rolling toward perfection, too.

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Fashion Villa

The Marathon County Humane Society, The Women’s Community, local food pantries, and plenty of other non-profit companies profit from IncredibleBank customers Kerry MacDonald and Trish Volm's goodwill.

They pay it forward because they know that at any time a business’s income can change faster than the latest hairstyles. The pandemic reminded them of that. But as owners of Fashion Villa, the ever-popular place for hairstyling and fashionable accessories, they’ve continued to build something incredible, even in the toughest of times.

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Revi Design

revi Design, and that’s short for REVITALIZE, was founded in Wausau, WI in February of 2010 by Dave Sether, a Milwaukee transplant. By his own admission, that was a tough month in a tough year to start a landscape design firm specializing in everything from design/build and excavation to snow removal and irrigation. But none of that was a deterrent to Dave and his team who conquered not only the elements but the aftershock of the Great Recession. And conquer they did. Growing the company from 10 employees to nearly 100, revi Design has now become one of the area’s largest landscape design companies with their sights set on further expansion with the help of IncredibleBank.

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RMM Solutions

They’re extraordinarily knowledgeable about technology; about trends; about business; about people; and about the future. Meet RMM Solutions, a Wisconsin based IT company with an impressive upward growth plan and a keen eye on the future of technology. Their growth plan is spearheaded by Rimon Moses, RMM Solutions’ CEO, and a huge proponent of making certain technology is blended with ample doses of humanity. And he should know. The once small IT company has grown into a statewide presence with more than 70 employees.

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My Incredible: Mark Matthiae

It’s Crystal Clear To Mark Matthiae

President & Founder – Crystal Finishing Systems

“I’ll tell you this much,” Matthiae said, “During any business cycle from start-up to swings in the economy, IncredibleBank has been steady in the financial support they have provided our company. That’s a huge asset to us.”

More Incredible Customer Stories

Rush Media

It started as a basement hobby for Tim Eichorst, video-taping his kid’s sporting events. It grew to 25 mobile production trucks, coast-to-coast, producing 2,000 sporting events each year for broadcasters that include FOX Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, Major League Baseball, NBC Sports and plenty of others. Thanks to Rush Media, millions of sports fans get their wish each year.

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Randy Verhasselt, Owner of Evolutions In Design
Evolutions In Design

It was September 7th, 1998 when Randy Verhasselt, a young and spirited entrepreneur started Evolutions in Design. With the help of IncredibleBank, the iconic floral, gift and imaginative epicenter for everything eclectic, innovative and alluring has grown to become one of the most successful independent retailers in Wisconsin.

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Surgical Associates

Surgical Associates, with more than 70 highly trained healthcare employees and 16 surgeons, has treated thousands of people throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.

According to Mike Murphy, CEO of Surgical Associates, “Even before I started more than nine years ago, IncredibleBank has always provided us with the working capital to drive our record growth. We always have access to the highest levels of executives at IncredibleBank and we could not have asked for a better partner, not just a better banking partner, but a better partner overall.”

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Customer Testimonials

"IncredibleBank has always provided us with working capital and loans for expansion, including the latest expansion. What really is most telling for us is that IncredibleBank and its owners, the Nicklaus family, share our values of respect for customers, community and our team. To be part of a banking relationship like that is irreplaceable.” 

Bill Stengl
General Manager
Stengl Marine

“Every year, IncredibleBank figures out what’s best for me and the company,” said Rimon. “They bring me consistent value and determine the exact financial vehicles we need. They are right there when I need them. I can pick-up the phone and talk to my bankers every time.”
Rimon Moses
CEO and Owner
RMM Solutions

“Not only does IncredibleBank provide tremendous service to us, they actually are great customers of ours. Many of the bank’s employees have been seeing our stylists for many years.  Because the Rothschild bank location is almost next door to us, bank employees are always bringing us coffee and checking in with us. There couldn’t possibly be a better client/bank relationship then the one we have with IncredibleBank.”
Trisha Volm and Kerry MacDonald
Fashion Villa

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